Thursday, April 07, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Me (Us?)

A year ago, I took the plunge into the literary pool of blogging and started this site. At the time, I had an infant, a kindergartner, a husband with a new business and an overwhelming sense of personal craziness.

It's possible that all have managed to do is branch out to find new things to stress over...because I'm like that.

There are a few things I feel I need to address first, for those of you who happen upon here at random.

Through this year, I know many have hit this site due to my blog name. And I have messaged the brave few who questioned just what *exactly* my deal is. I've considered changing the name a few times for fear that my macabre sense of humor is a mockery of the knife of illness that stabs at our numbers seemingly randomly. It's simply not true. The bottom line is that I chose the name 3 years before I started blogging after a long night in the kitchen,  so I could comment on my sister's blog, never intending to publish...and then I woke up a year ago and decided to publish, assuming the only people who would ever read this would be my mom and siblings. Man, was I wrong. Lesson learned....but I'm keeping the name because BB still sums up the duality of my existence, the ups and downs that are my every day. Extreme to no one but me, I am sure.


 Love me through this, dear reader, I evolve slowly sometimes.

Also, I would like to mention that just because my nickname is Betty Crocker, not every recipe listed here under that name is affiliated with the corporation that employs that imagine. In fact, very very few of them come from THAT Betty. If I ever publish an actual book (not that I plan to), I won't be able to use most of this site. Another lesson learned.

That said, I wanted to give some updates on some of the posts from this past year....things that worked out, stuff that didn't...

For instance, Thing 1 and Thing 2 are still alive and thriving despite all the recipe testing. No longer an infant and a kindergartner, they are a wall-climbing toddler and not-for-long 1st grader who has legs like a colt and the eyes of ancient soul.

The most popular post I've written was also one of the most painful. Who knew anyone still wanted another chicken soup recipe.

The second most popular post was for no-bake bar cookies that I still love so much I could eat a whole pan.

it's like a metaphor
I am still using homemade laundry detergent. Despite having dirty children who are learning to feed themselves and to not act like wild dogs, I have clean, fresh-smelling laundry that I am very happy with. I have not noticed any graying or fading and I'm spending less than two pennies a load AND I only have to make the soap every 3 months or so. I call that success.

Likewise, the all purpose cleaner is still getting a workout here. I use it for pretty much everything-including removing spots from the carpet. Mr. Devlin gave it a solid testing and gives it his seal of approval as well.  It's worth the effort.

Yes, I still make my own donuts....if you fill them with Nutella, it's possible you may fall into a coma--you've been warned.

Thing 1 has already put her vote in for another round of Easter peeps. Homemade marshmallows are within your grasp-don't be scared.

yes, the tomatoes worked

Likewise, homemade preserves are not just for over-achievers. I'm currently preparing to make the season's first batch of strawberry jam this weekend actually.

I'm proud of how far my homemade tortillas have evolved...enough so that I'm willing to serve them friends. Honestly, I can't begin to explain how having fresh tortilla changes even a simple quesadilla--Alice Waters would be so freakin' proud of me.

pot scrubbers
I'm still looking for more ways to recycle baby food jars but this certainly has helped....and Thing 1 loves them.

My post scrubbers went through a small makeover when I figured out how to work in an abrasive side by using a packet of hem tape as the starting circle. Hem tape is basically straight lace, generally in all kinds of colors, 3 feet long. It's the perfect amount to give the scrubby some, um, scrubby. Plus, these bad boys are so durable- I just throw them in the laundry and they are back to new.

After giving me crap over the first batch, Thing 1 started referring longingly to her blueberry poptarts as some kind of special treat that I withhold from her for spite. There is no winning as a mother, really, I guess the best I can hope for is that my grandbabies will someday ask me to make poptarts for them like I did for their's true, I totally can't wait to be that grandma that bakes all the really good stuff..

Despite the break in our routine due to my morning sickness, we still eat a fair share of muffins and scones so check out those recipes if your looking for something new.

I had a lot of fun with the Christmas baking this year- I hope next year's wow's you...and inspires you to try a few batches of this or that.

I am brain-sketching new ideas to bring to you to make your lives easier, to spark some creative action on your part or to give you something really easy to make for dinner because you've run out ideas today.  If nothing else, I hope you get a chuckle.

So, send me an email or leave a comment if I missed something you were wondering about or if there is something you'd like me to cover (I PROMISE I'm still trying to find more one-pot meals and the how-to's on artichokes).

I'll be taking a small break in September for Baby #3...while we have chosen REAL names for this little person, I need something clever for here...I don't really think I can call them the Lorax, you know?

...17 weeks and counting.

Every day is a gift. Even when I'm cranky. Even when I have no way to plan for what is coming next. I'm only human and my family loves me despite that and because of that....and I love them for the same reasons. My job is to do the best with what I've got and never stop learning or growing or trying. And God will take care of us--He always has.

....that's what I've learned this year...I can only wonder what this next year holds.


Nik said...

Good post, lots of the 'main topics' that I want to read but havnt gotten around to doing. BTW you look super cute with that little belly!!! Congrats to you and your hubby, and congrats on the anniversary of your blog.

Mrs. V said...

thanks, Nik :) I'm actually feeling "cutely pregnant" right now but-boy oh boy-I know that's gonna change soon and I'm gonna be that woman that's waddling through the zoo and the grocery store and the mall and you think "oh that poor dear!"

Nik said...

Haha! Been there and done that!

Principalk said...

My dear, you have brought me a year's worth of escape with your stories, above all, that you write. Your recipes have been greatly used in this household. I love your blog, and today, even before I read this,I placed it on my main page with one other blog that I follow, which is my husbands. I love ya!

Mrs. V said...

aw shucks and golly, girl :) I'm always happy to share my disfunction lol