Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Poor But Clean

In my ever-widening quest for all that is homemade, I have been experimenting with homemade cleaners. And today, I bring you an all-purpose jobby that's, well, just fantastic (that's a hint, kids). 

Thanks to the power of the internet (add dramatic music and and thunder--yeah, thunder is a good effect--here), I tracked down the price of comparable products so you could have a basic idea of savings.

One bottle of Fantastik cleaner is on average $3.25. A bottle of 7th Generation All-Purpose Cleaner is around $4.99. That's for 32 oz. Now, take that money to Target or Walmart  and buy, instead:

1 plastic spray bottle
rubbing alcohol
lemon juice
dishwashing liquid

You now how enough cleaner to make at least 6 times that amount of cleaner (more so if you get a big bottle of alcohol....everyone should have a big bottle of alcohol)

....And here's how to do it:

In a bucket or plastic container you don't plan to ever eat out of, mix together

3 cups of water
1 tsp dishwashing liquid
1 tsp lemon juice
1/3 cup rubbing alcohol
1 tsp ammonia

Unless you have a set of measuring cups you only use for chemicals (and who here doesn't?), use only a glass measuring cup to avoid, well, you know, poisoning your family and self later (some would say I'm being a little over-protective here, I know, I know, what doesn't kill you and all that....)
Stir your mixture with a metal spoon as well. I also keep a plastic funnel set aside for just this sort of chemical fun--they usually come in a stacking set anyways.

Pour the mixture into a plastic spray bottle and label. Sometimes, I also label when I made the cleaner so when it's empty I can gage how long it took to use it all up (because I get off on that kind of geekiness, ok?)


ash said...

love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love itlove it love it love it love it love it love it

word verification: noneness : the level of brain activity i posess at the moment

betty crocker said...

I don't know, Ash, do you like this sort of thing? ;-) I have a few more I'm working on so check back with me later

ness said...

I'm geeked out too.

bring on the cleaners!!!

off to buy a giant bottle of alcohol.,,,

Anonymous said...

Now, this, I can handle. You are so clever, genius no less! I HATE spending money on squirt cleaners, because I squirt EVERYTHING.

Melissa said...

Love it as well. Always enjoy homemade solutions and inexpensive cleaning products! thanks.