Monday, November 08, 2010

Pomegranates: Betty Learns A New Skill

A few weeks ago, a good friend asked me what the proper way to open a pomegranate was. Frankly, my experience with them was pretty in, I'd had eaten one once, tearing through the skin and picking out the little kernel-like seeds like a monkey. Outside of knowing that they can be pricey, I had little to offer.

Last week, while doing the usual hunter-gatherer thing at the store, I saw a huge display of gorgeous red pomegranates because they were on sale!! Yay! Perfect. Not only could I find out for myself how to go about using this strange and ancient fruit, I could show Thing 1 something new.

Home I went with 3 of the biggest in the pile (I LOVE when produce is on sale by number and not weight!), and to the internet I went. What would we do-seriously? without being able to connect to all the knowledge that is out there in the world, ready, at our fingertips? All curiosity can be sated with the push of a few keys. ....knowledge that I now pass on to you.

While Mr. Devlin read all kinds of interesting facts about the many-chambered globose fruit, I cut the ends off and proceeded to score down the sides...I had read that four would do but the Devs said that 5 was traditional and brought good luck. We hadn't had any good luck for a while so I knew we could survive a little longer without at this, I had already cut 4 times around the outside peel.

As the Greek mythos flowed, I submerged the fruit in a bowl of cool water and broke it apart according to the score marks. Inside, the gorgeous seeds were pocketed everywhere. But as I began to pull the white pith away, I discovered why the water was so key---the seeds sunk to the bottom and the pith and peel floated to the top. Cool.

After breaking away the fruit, I skimmed the floating matter away with a small mesh sieve and drained the seeds in a colander.

At this point, Thing 1--who does NOT like new foods--was drawn to the kitchen to see what the deal was. With much coaxing, we convinced to try one little seed. She was hooked. Within minutes, she was happily munching away on this antioxidant rich wonder food while watching cartoons.

My job here was done.


ness said...

I had no idea.

So you just eat the seeds plain? they are sweet? They are such a pretty color....I would like to try them, but I had no idea how. Thanks!

Now, can you tell me how the stink to eat an artichoke? Because artichoke dip is awesome, but I have no idea what I'm eating or how it got that way....

betty crocker said...

yes, the seeds are sweet--kind of in a cranberry kind of way. There is a seed in the center that is edible but not annoying, like blackberries.
The best part of opening them under water is all that beautiful color doesn't stain your walls :)
Artichokes....yeah, I know how but I haven't because--may I be frank? it's a lot of pissing around to suck the good stuff out of the bottom part of the "leaf"....not totally unworthy of the effort but it's not like I can serve them to Thing 1.
But maybe it's time to boil up a few thistles (that's what they are, you know) and whisk up a hollandaise.

betty crocker said...

oh, also, if you are of the mind, pomegranate juice is great in cocktails-like mixed with white wine or with champagne or in a jigger of chilled vodka (that makes your vodka health)