Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Betty Gets Up On Her Soapbox

Look, I try pretty hard to keep my blog about food and crafty things and whatever it is that I happen to be working on that particular day. The bottom line is, my blog is about ways I take care of my family. It's no secret that I am a proud, protective momma who will go mother-bear on anyone or anything that threatens the safety and innocence of my kids.

Which is why I'm utterly pissed right now about this:

I don't care who you vote for (as long as you vote) and I don't care who and how you worship--that's between you and the cosmos.

But I do care about protecting children. I think we can all get behind that, right?  I don't think I have to sell you on the idea that our babies are precious gifts that shouldn't have to live in terror that some POS is going to steal them for sex, ruining their innocence and denying them their childhood.

And please don't say this is an American problem. I know I have readers around the world (stat counter!).

Value children as people; value them as you would your own, as your self. Stand up and protect those who don't yet have a voice and boycott Amazon for this atrocity, this base, disgusting lewd grab for money by selling the security of children everywhere like a filthy pimp.

Thank you.

** UPDATE** At this time, Amazon has chosen to remove the book from Kindle sales, by which time it have already reach #97 in sales (the Bible was #99). In other words, the damage has been done. Way to go, Amazon.

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