Saturday, September 11, 2010

Waste Not: Turn Bar Soap Into a Pre-Treater

pretty soap flakes
This is one of those ideas that makes me giggle with glee for all the ways it's useful.

No, I don't go out much. Why do you ask?

Not only does this make use of an empty glass jar but also of those little slivers of bar soap that are too tiny for anything else but having Thing 1 break into little pieces to watch them go down the drain. I know this because I caught her at it.

This is also a good way to use of old novelty soap or hotel soaps.

With a box grater, grate down all the soap you want to use. I used a jar funnel to help me get it all inside the tomato sauce jar I was using so I didn't lose any of it in transport, but you can do this just a easily with a paper funnel.

And can I just say that the particular jar I used was from some tomato basil sauce I had gotten at Aldi's and I seriously couldn't bring myself to throw out the jar. Don't be shocked that I bought some sauce--it was on sale for $.79 and I don't know anyone who can make it for that cheap. And the jar had volume increments on the side and it all just struck me as really cute. Anyways.....

Fill up the jar with as much soap as you can--at least half way.

Now pour in boiling water to the top.

Screw on the lid and let sit a few minutes before shaking to help dissolve the bits.

When the jar is a little cooler, you can try stirring up any parts that haven't dissolved. Use a metal utensil for this so it cleans up easily.
Mine came out a pretty pale yellow thanks to a half-used rubber duck soap.

                                 Now all I have to do is smear a bit of this on before washing.

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