Monday, September 13, 2010

Jamming On the One (...that's for you, Sis)

I know I've already done two posts on how to make jam/jelly at home but now that it's the back end of summer, I've been getting lots of questions on how the whole thing works again. It's certainly one of those processes that it's good to look at a few times so you feel comfortable when you are ready to try it yourself. That said, the best way to learn how is throw on a helmet and pads and get in there.

Today, I'll give you a "play by play", I'm all sports metaphors today (you try being in the South and ignoring football season-see how far you get, k?)

Also, I'd like to apologize in advance for the layout on this post--it was a bitch getting all these pics up because I'm not technically advanced so just forgive me now, k?

And if you are curious, the jam I am making in the pictures is blackberry and pear with some fresh nutmeg.

First, the equipment. Get your stuff together before you turn anything on.
ladle, funnel, jar lifter
wet rag, dish towels
are just some of the
things you'll need ready

clean jars, place in the oven
before turning the heat
on to 200
lids for your jars
clean and rust free

canner, with rack
(lid not pictured)
don't just use a big pot

lids, always brand new
rust free, in hot water
to help them seal to the
hot jar. Use a
magnet wand to grab.
stack lids so they don't stick
together in hot water
and ruin their seal.

The ingredients. Fruit. Sugar. Pectin and lemon juice. Basically.
you'll notice the dent in the sugar?
Thing 1 is "quality control"
in these parts.
Powder pectin. Goes in
before the sugar.
Liquid goes after the
sugar. Store brands are

Bring your fruit to a slow boil
You can mash it if you want.
fruit brought to a boil,
always be stirring with
a long wooden spoon.
Add in the pectin and stir
until it is completely
dissolved. Bring to a boil again.
Pour in all the sugar
at once and stir, baby,
stir.Watch for splashes.

When the sugar is dissolved,
the mixture needs to boil.
Keep stirring.

Don't be a hero, use a timer.
The jam must boil hard
for one full minute.

While your fruit is boiling,
the water in your canner
should be getting hot.

Using funnel, ladle hot jam
into the hot jar. Leave
1/2 inch space at the top
(called headspace).
When the jam has boiled
for one minute, remove it
from the heat and set the
timer for 4 minutes.
Don't stir the mixture.
Stir down the jam once,
then skim off any foam.
Foam won't go away later,
you have to skim it.

Top lid with ring to seal
tightly. Use a
towel to screw on tight.

With a clean, wet rag
wipe any jam that may have
gotten on the rim,
otherwise the lid won't seal.
Top hot jar with a hot lid
to form a seal.
Now add the hot jar to the
hot water. The canner will
hold 7. You need an inch of
water over the top of the jars
when they are lowered.

Start the 10 minute
timer when the water
is really boiling.
Remove the jars from the water, careful to
not touch the tops. Let cool to room temp
before handling. You'll hear them pop.
When jars are completely cooled, check
the tops to be sure they sealed. If they
spring back and forth, they haven't so put
them in the fridge and use them first.

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