Friday, September 03, 2010

Fall Cleaning

I hope that all my readers have a fantastic weekend, enjoying family time and good food and the chance to sleep in should the gods allow it. We have some fun planned as well....but I've also got a bit of fall cleaning to do as well.
I know I know-all work, no play blah blah blah. But, like the ants of summer, I must make use of my time when I have it.
Here are some of the things I want to get done before the chill of fall and winter seeps in....

1.) Changing out the curtains for heavier ones. During the summer, I often only have sheer curtains up but as we have seriously non-energy efficient windows here, I'm adding heavier layers to the windows to block some of the heat loss that will cost us later.  For some of the windows, that means simply adding a second rod and a layer of darker curtains over the existing sheers.

2.) Vacuuming out the dryer vent and lint catch. WHOOWEEE! We sure do know how to have a good time around here! Once a year, I use the sweeper to suck out all that has gotten stuck in and around the dryer. Excessive fuzz in your dryer can cause fires.

3.) Reorganizing the entrance way to allow for the coming rain and snow. I add more/heavier throw rugs and add a bin for wet shoes and dripping umbrellas.

4.) Wash the windows and clean up the dead bugs. I'm sure I'll have to do this more than once if we get ladybugs like we did last fall....oh, while I'm at it, I'll suck all the dead bugs out of the lamps....suckers!

5.) Check the batteries in the smoke detectors.

6.) Change the filters in my vacuum and heating/AC unit.

7.) Add new weather stripping to all doors that lead outside. Even though we rent, they don't do this. It costs a couple of bucks for a roll of this stuff and it's totally worth it.

8.) Pull the fall/winter clothes from storage and put away the summer ones. *sigh* only consolation in this is that my winter clothes are a smaller size.

9.) Wash the carpets (thankyouthankyouthankyou for the carpet cleaner, Mom.) And since I'm already pushing around the furniture....I wonder if there is a group for us chronic furniture movers?

10.) Wash bedding and get heavier blankets ready. While it's still warm here, the nights are getting cooler so this is a great time to freshen up the heavier blankets I'll need. I also take advantage of the day's warmth to line dry anything I can instead of killing my dryer (and electric bill).

Yeah, I know, not exactly the kind of wild party you'd want to be invited to but sometimes we grownups have grownup things to do.
....And once it's all done, it's a great time to sip on some sangria that's been waiting for me as I chop some peppers and onions for the hot sausage sandwiches.

Have a great weekend!....we're off to see the new flamingo exhibit at the zoo!


Sara Lesher said...

.....and when will you be heading to my house? i'm doing some cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, etc. this weekend too..... thanks for the reminders/tips - i'm going to utilize some of them as i make my way through my list of tasks! have a great weekend and have a blast at the zoo!

Principalk said...

ok, call me crazy, but I never thought to use a vacuum for the dryer. I always think about the lint that gets away into the lint catcher I know what to do. Thank you, thank you.