Friday, September 24, 2010

Easy Betty: Tomato Salad

Thanks to a bit of cooler weather a few weeks ago, my patio tomatoes are finally producing the way I thought they should all along. Turns out, they just needed some cooler nights. You can bet I'll remember this for next summer....

That said, here's a super easy summer salad for your tomatoes. This salad is meant to be served at room temp so it's not fussy at all. And, if you can't get your paws on some fresh green beans, you can use frozen (read: NOT canned).

For fresh beans, snap the ends off and blanch (boil in water for approx 3 minutes before submerging in ice water to stop the cooking process). Drain. If you are using frozen, heat until the beans are no longer frozen but not hot.

Cut your cherry tomatoes in half or dice a few small plum tomatoes. Toss with the beans.

Right before serving, add your dressing. You really don't want to do this much before serving because the beans will eventually discolor.

For a quick vinaigrette, dice a small shallot very finely and whisk in 3 parts of olive oil to one part white wine vinegar. Toss the salad and serve.

...or cheat a bit and make the salad even easier by using whatever is in the fridge door. Either way, yummy.

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