Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Back To School and Where's My Fridge?

Thing 1 has happily (can it be?) been back to school now for a couple of weeks but I see that my Northern counterparts are back into the swing of the school year now too. Seems like a good time to share with you how I keep up with the influx of artwork that comes home daily. Simply put, no one has a fridge big enough to display all that.
And I really do enjoy exhibiting the family portraits (complete with pet snakes and turtles and the spider Daddy squooshed that morning), the rainbows, the dinosaurs having tea.  But I needed more room to prove that.
That's when I decided that one of the walls in our dining area would be perfect. I stole the basic idea from some young funky magazine along the way. But, instead of needing 18 steps on how to do it for less than a  $100, try this--

1.) Get yourself some of those hooks with the screw on the end that usually gets used for holding back drapery loops.

2.) Get yourself some string, twine, fishing line, anything that's heavy enough to attach clothes pins too

3.) Attach said hooks (see step 1) to the wall whatever way works for you....honestly, I poked a starter hole in the wall with a penny nail and then screwed the hook in with a pair of pliers (please don't tell my Dad that).

4.) Tie string to hooks and pull across the wall to see what is level before adding an end hook. Attach a hook in the middle of the line to add support for the artwork if you are filing up a big wall.

Not too clear?  Well, it looks like this:

The other thing that I like about this is it's great for hanging wet painting on so they can dry in peace instead of being snatched up by Thing 2's eager chubby hands.

About once a month, I take down most of the pictures and start again. Naturally, I save the art work. At the end of the school year, we go through all the pictures and save her (and my) favorites and put them in a "time capsule" for that particular year. I'll show you that idea soon, I promise.

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Mother B said...

That's as good as wallpaper as you are ever going to find.....I blew the picture up real big so NaNa could see all of Dora's wonderful work. Yay Dora.