Tuesday, June 01, 2010

It's the Final Countdown (add dramatic music here)

I promise to get back to the baking and the free, tested recipes in a bit. Bear with me- I have kidlings afoot. And we have plans. I'm sure you are looking forward to something too but I bet you can sleep at night regardless. I am also betting you don't ask 20-30 bazillion times a day when you will be leaving for such plans (which I would wager makes your boss happy, eh?)

Thing 1 is adorably smart but, hey, she's 6 so time and space are not the concrete concepts I would hope (who the hell am I kidding? Mr. Devlin doesn't understand time and space--as illustrated by how he hogs the bed while his alarm goes off for 45 minutes EVERY morning). I digress....

I got this idea from a parenting mag a while ago--it was posted by a mom who's hubby was serving our country in Iraq and her kiddies were anxiously awaiting daddy's return for Christmas. Smart Mom, where ever you are, thank you (and thank you to your hubby too).

You'll need a strip for every day until launch. Each day, a link is removed. This was a good exercise for Thing 1 to count backwards as well (*score* extra learning). We leave for Pennsylvania and the home of the zipper in 18 days....AND IF YOU ASK ME ONE MORE TIME WE WON'T GO!!!!!

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leeloo said...

i used to always make these to count down for my birthday. pookie made me quit. ;)