Thursday, November 10, 2011

Moving Day

....anybody have a truck?

Just kidding.  Kind of.

So, um, yeah, in the never ending adventure that is life with a Gypsy like Mr. Devlin, we are moving soon. Not far, like the last 3 times, but, you know, with 3 kids in tow, any distance can seem great.

I mention this partially because it's my latest distraction (when I'm not cooking, cleaning, nursing an infant, chasing a toddler and trying to remember how to do long division for the sake of Thing 1). I also mention it because if any of you dear readers have any tips or pointers or things that just worked so absolutely wonderfully for you, please share. Help me and help any of the other readers as well.....what's your best moving tips?

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Anonymous said...

Wait, you've moved so much, you shoud be the expert. Anyhoo, I write on the box which room it should be paced in when brought into the new place....ktchen, bathroom, etc. That way helpers can put them where it's most convenient for packing.
And, call me lazy, but if your not moving far, I wouldn't wrap all the dishes. I, in the past, have placed the items in a box, and then they are mine to move. I usually pkace those boxes in my car last and take them in the house myself. Wrapping and unwrapping is a pain in the butt.