Thursday, August 11, 2011

Let Me Ex'plain....No, There Is Too Much....Let Me Sum Up

I know many of you are hoping I'll get back to posting useful things. I have, however, been saving all my "good energy" for nesting projects as we are 3-5 weeks out from Baby Boy's arrival. I've been scrubbing random things and waddling around the house, looking for problems that aren't there.

Mr. Devlin has been busy too, trying to keep me placated and relaxed, putting together cribs and hanging decorations on the nursery wall in between running for Big Mac's and Snickers bars.

And it's not that I haven't been cooking or baking. It's just that most of it is going into the freezer for "after baby." Well, most of it--we have all developed a certain dependancy on buttermilk brownies from the last post. I'm not about to tell you how many pans of that have been consumed around here of late (and not just by me!).

I am a little upset that I just don't have enough energy to work on certain projects--like really stocking up the jam pantry or hitting the Farmer's Market a little more to put up corn and other veggies in the freezer. I'm sure I'll be kicking myself later (when I can move my body that way again....).

Thing 1 started back to school today so I'm allowing myself a certain amount of sentimentality to take over my morning. She looked so tall and so much older in comparison to the little kindergardeners scurrying around our feet this morning....was she ever that little?

Thing 2 is enjoying free-reign of the toy box and movie selection in her sister's absence. Her vocabulary has expanded to include all things Baby but I know she will have some trouble when her little brother arrives in the next month so I am trying hard to include lots and lots of cuddle time. That she will be 2 soon, with training pants and toddler beds in the wings has not escaped me either. She is my delightful handful right now and soon to be a middle child-a position I can identify with all to well.

Despite all the concerns over Baby Boy, we have made it past the danger zone of pre-term delivery at this point. The relief is palpable. I am aware that many other parents have survived much harder pregnancies and I bow to your experience. But since this is my baby and my body, it has been a long and anxious time for me, hoping for the best and dreading all the worst. I rejoice in every day that he wakes me at 5:00 am to kick and punch me to start the day. We basically have a month to go, give or take. Many of my original plans have fallen through for his delivery but I know regardless that we'll have a good story to tell in the end.

So this is where I am today. Tomorrow brings its own challenges and blessings and I will handle them when they get here (that's what I've been telling myself at least). I will try to post some useful things again soon. In the meantime, I hope you are all having a wonderful, safe, memory-filled summer.


Cara Hinojosa said...

Holy crap, you look good!

Mrs. V said...

aw shucks! thanks :) I accidently knocked over Thing 1 this morning with my belly and then ran said belly into a wall.

Cara Hinojosa said...

Isn't that a Seinfeld episode? ;)