Friday, July 08, 2011

Easy-Peasy Chocolate Buttercream

I hope you weren't waiting for this, like with the cake all baked and hoping I'd get on with it and post the recipe. Because I don't think I can handle any more pressure right now--especially on my body! Oh dear! This child is weighing on me something fierce.....

But I did say I had an easy chocolate buttercream recipe for you and a promise is a promise. This recipe is actually one I got from Martha Stewart (not, like, directly or anything--people like her don't know people like me....for example, I don't have to be plugged into a wall at the end of the day).

This recipe makes about 3 1/2 cups of frosting (nearly enough for a regular round layer cake but not exactly enough, in my opinion, for decorating with a piping bag). The good news is, it doubles and triples easily and whatever you don't need now, you can freeze for later.

Also, you don't need to do any sifting. I would, however, let my butter soften to almost room temperature before starting. If you forget to pull your butter ahead of time, warm it slowly in the microwave 10 seconds at a time until it yields to being pressed gently. You want the butter to be able to hold it's shape because you want to dice it up into cubes.

In your mixer bowl, combine:

3 1/2 cups of confectioners sugar
1 cup of cocoa powder

Just mix until they are a little more evenly distributed before adding in 1 1/2 sticks (that's a cup and a half) of butter, diced. Don't turn the mixer up on speed or anything. In fact, I wrap a dishtowel around the top of the bowl to keep anything from flying out and getting everywhere.

You won't really be able to tell that anything is happening just yet and you'll wonder if you did it right. You did.
 Add 2 tsp of vanilla (or almond if you're feeling daring) to
1/2 cup of milk

and add this to your mixing bowl.

Within a few moments, the frosting will moisten and change color. First, it will be a dark, lumpy mess but within a minute or two, the lumps will disappear and the color will lighten. So will the consistency of the buttercream. The longer you beat it, the lighter and looser it will becomes so don't be over-zealous, Love.

Use a large rubber spatula to scrape the bottom of the bowl to be sure you mixed everything properly. This frosting spreads easily and nicely. If you find your kitchen is a bit hot to work in, give the bowl a chill for 5 minutes or so and stir again before using. The butter will harden fast so don't forget about it for long.

Ok, so finally, I got you the recipe. Hopefully I won't be so long with another post but that's kind of up to my stamina so bear with me....7-9 weeks to go.....

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