Thursday, June 23, 2011

Easy Betty Strikes Again: Corn with Bacon and Mushrooms

It's summer time and the livin' is easy.....well, it should be because I'm really really lazy right now. That said, all the recipes that are being posted right now for easy sides and dinner ideas are catching my attention as much as the articles on how to wrangle 3 kids.

This particular recipe was a no-brainer for us because the ingredients are staple items in this house ("fat and fungus" is it's own food group around here).  Throw in the corn and suddenly I believe it's healthy.

I actually made this as part of Mr. Devlin's Father's Day meal. The Dev's is a notorious meat and potato man, eating veggies only to show he can be a good role model when little eyes are upon him. But it's not like I was going to put him to the brussel sprout test on his special day (that's what Monday's are for).

Naturally, after scanning the recipe, I pretty much did what I wanted with it. Having some bacon already cooked off for a batch of bacon cheddar scones, I could easily skip that step of cooking it in a skillet but that also meant I wouldn't have the necessary fat required to saute the mushrooms in. Also not a real problem for me because I save my bacon fat.  I told you-fat and fungus are taken seriously in this house.

Ok, so basically, all you need is:

bacon--cooked or not is up to you but you'll want about 6 pieces for 4+ servings, chopped
chopped onion, shallots or chives-- I have chives so that's what I used (about 1 heaping tablespoon) but if you are using onion or shallots-about 1/4 cups, chopped fine
mushrooms--button, bella, porcini, oyster, shiitake--entirely up to you but you'll want about 3 cups, sliced or chopped
corn kernels--1 1/2 cups-2 cups frozen or maybe you want to shave off some from some leftover ears if you have some laying around
salt and pepper--totally to your taste

Saute the bacon, adding fat if you need it. If you don't have enough to saute mushrooms in, add a pat or two of butter. Now toss in the mushrooms and onions, stirring now and then as they soften and absorb all the bacony goodness. Adjust your heat as well-medium is a good place to be. When the mushrooms have a bit of browning and softening going on and the onions are somewhat softened, toss in the corn and season to your taste. This is really all there is to the recipe.

I served this as a side to steak and potatoes but I'd easily whip up a bit of this to put over scrambled eggs or hash browns in the morning as well.

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