Monday, January 03, 2011

Time For a Little Change....

In light of the fact that this little blogs is picking up more attention lately, I think it's time for me to change a little bit of my profile...come clean, as it were. 

Long ago, when I started baking and transforming into the domestic goddess you have before you, a little joke started that I was a regular Betty Crocker. And the nickname stuck (despite the fact that, in all truth, I have far more in common with Julia Child than BC, but I digress).

And now I am blogging. Throwing my two cents at the cosmos as it were. So it's time I use my real name and stop "playing house."

Besides, I have other nicknames...most of which I wouldn't ever ever ever tell you. Back in the day, when our home was more like a scene from Peter Pan, complete with Lost Boys at the table, I hooked the monicker of Mrs. V (yes, "hooked" was a pun).  

And so, Dear Reader, I'm ready to change it up a little and let you know that-while I'm certainly a betty- I am ready to be me and not hide behind an icon...maybe I'll become an icon of my own (stop laughing).

Mrs. V


Mother B said...

In your new have a floating tiara over your head. It makes you look angelic.

Mrs. V said...

a very tiny tiara for my little itty bitty angelic side

Mother B said...

I knew it was there all the time!