Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm So Crafty....

...I make people.

And, no, I'm not giving you pictures on how that is done.

What I will say is I'll be blogging as long as I can but don't be surprised if there are sudden breaks in the action here. I'm only human.

Thing 1, by the way, is really exciting and predicting a boy. Thing 2 is oblivious and will no doubt hate me when she does catch on.

And Mr. Devlin is already referring to Baby as Tripticon. I take that as a good sign.


Principalk said...

WOo HOo! You know I love this post! Ahhh, yes the balance of children. You will come out beaming....just like you do with all of your crazy and fun life events. Just keep me posted on every

Cara said...

That is so awesome! Congratulations!