Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Baby Made Me Do It!

Imagine crispy fried  around
gooey warm chocolate hazelnut
...especially with a big glass of milk.
They say every pregnancy is different and that, so far, has been the case. With Thing 1, I ate whatever I wanted from day one, oblivious to the fact that I would never see my pretty body ever again. I had no morning sickness and was running a large university bakery and no one told me "no."
With Thing 2 I had morning sickness and major cravings for anything salt and/or vinegar. We were also going through major life transitions and I am more than certain that I channeled the anxiety into my belly. I gained less weight though so I declared it all a victory in the end.

But Tripticon? Oh this child! This child only wants whatever isn't in the house, it would seem. But we have a budget and I'm not about to give in to every little craving.

hey-it's on wheat bread
at least

That said, when I was in the store the other day, I notice the store brand of Nutella was on sale bogo.
SCORE!!! I could totally go for some hazelnut chocolate spread....preggers or not, let's be real please.

Thing 1 thought
this was silly

So imagine the surprise on my little family's face when they came down for lunch and found grilled Nutella sandwiches for lunch. And, really, why the heck not? We eat whole grains, low fat, fresh, local et al. Every once in a while, a little naughtiness makes life a little more fun. I don't suggest this all the time but it made for a very fun and cozy Saturday lunch, since we were still in our pj's and it was snowy cold out.

Now, in all fairness to grilled sandwiches, you can also make grilled pb+j or you can fit some fruit-like bananas into the sandwiches. Crispy golden outside; gooey yummy goodness inside. And Tripticon was satisfied.


Mother B said...

I swear, I am going to buy a jar of that stuff!

Mrs. V said...

if by any chance you want to make your own with peanuts instead try this link:

Principalk said...

I love Nutella...wish we had a store brand. ANyhoo, I'm trying this. I usually just eat the stuff with a spoon, for which I feel guilty, so now I can actually feel good about downing half the jar if I use your idea!