Friday, December 03, 2010

Betty Shows You How To Peel A Kiwifruit

It's kiwi season! (*that's your cue to get excited)

Nothing dresses up a fruit tart like the striking contrast of the kiwi. And nothing makes a great snack for the kiddos like vitamin C; so I thought I would show you the proper way to peel a kiwi so you get all you can out of these fuzzy little Chinese Gooseberries.

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Ok, back to the kiwi. When choosing a kiwi in the store, look for fruit with a little "give" if pressed lightly with the thumb. If a fruit is hard as a stone, it can be ripened at home but it will take a few days. Also, if it feels like the fruit is just mush held together by the skin, it's over-ripe.

When you are ready to consume this pretty creature, use a sharp knife to remove both ends.

Now, using a regular ol' teaspoon, press the spoon down between the skin and the flesh. You'll notice that the curve of the spoon fits the curve of the fruit. Now slid the spoon around the flesh, dividing the skin from it with minimal lose of the flesh.

Pretty. Damn. Easy.

Thank you, Ma'am.

Practice this a few times and you'll be able to get the skin off in one whole piece.


ash said...

good heavens...

i just made a white chocolate fruit tart on saturday afternoon with kiwi before i even looked at this...

insert "twilight zone" music here...

betty crocker said...
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betty crocker said...

we are impossibly linked...remind me to tell you what Thing 2 did with kiwi the first time-funny baby