Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Day of Thanksgiving: Betty Reflects

I wanted to take a moment today to say publicly that I am very blessed. And very grateful.

For my husband, who supports even my most hair-brained desires (or maybe he supports those most-?), who has worked very hard this year to provide for his family, who has worked just as hard this year at our marriage...our best year together so far.

last year, I didn't have to cook a turkey
For Thing 1, who never fails to bring me joy, who always asks how my day was when she's away, who holds my hands when we take walks, who bring curiosity and magic to every encounter. Her sweet smile and brilliance keep me trying to be the best mom I can be.

For Thing 2, who entered our turbulent world only a year ago but has filled my days with laughter and joy, who now has healthy kidneys, who gives baby kisses and baby laughter freely. Her trust and unconditional love make the clouds roll away.

For my amazing sibling, whether by blood or by marriage. Talented, supportive, generous. All excellent examples to my children, whether they are godparents to them or not. 

For my parents and my in-laws....are there enough words of gratitude for you? What would we be without your continual support through the years? For unconditional love, for forgiveness, for a listening ear, a gentle hand and wisdom I am still trying to apply.

For provisions from a loving God. 

For hope when no hope seemed possible.

For friends, who fill in the gaps the distance from family leaves, who babysit for free (or jam), who laugh with you even when you aren't that funny, who cut out coupons for you, who send you messages and nutmeg just because.

For my country. I'd rather live here than anywhere else, despite the problems. At least my government affords me the choice to try to make a difference and the freedom to speak out. No government is perfect because no people are perfect. Apathy is the only true crime.

For the chance to learn and grow and re-shape my views every day....sometimes through this blog, so thank you, readers.

May your company be pleasant, your turkey moist, your pumpkin pie properly setup, your day off relaxing.



ness said...

hard to believe it's been a year already....

I raise a slice of pie to you and yours....

betty crocker said...

I don't know who did more growing this year-the baby or me.
...there's no pie left but I scrape out the cool whip container in your honor

Mother B said...

YOU are a dear, sweet girl and we are thankful for you, your husband and your wonderful progeny! I offer a toast of a cool whip container also!