Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I've been slowly pulling things out of storage from Thing 1 for Thing 2 to play with....and finding that apparently Thing 1 chewed on everything like a rabid beaver. I can just see the therapy sessions in the future for Thing 2" "....and the only toys I had to play with had all been chewed on by rodents or something." Yup yup yup

So, I thought I would see if I could refurbish some of the puzzles at least.

I started by sanding off the remaining picture on each piece. This makes it easier for the non-toxic acrylic paint to stick AND means I don't need 38 coats of it to cover the existing graphic. I used a really fine grit paper (400) because puzzles are made with really soft wood and I'm not trying to damage the wood itself.

After wiping down all the pieces with a damp towel, I applied a few coats of paint. It turned out a little something like this:
Sure, it doesn't have all the fun numbers and
left and right labels but who uses that stuff?
There was a second puzzle that Thing 1 gnawed into submission--maybe to keep the creepy clowns on it in check so I don't blame her (hate hate hate clowns).

But I kinda think I'm going to steal the pieces from this one and work it into a clock.....something like this....but I need to pick up a clock kit to finish it.
I rather like these little lady bugs.


Sara Lesher said...

i love this!!! you never cease to amaze me..... thank you for constantly giving me ideas (that i may someday actually put to use - ha!)

Principalk said...

Clever, clever. You have the greatest ideas. When you come back you and I will rummage through my attic, of course while we imbibe, and you can give me cool ideas. Kay?

betty crocker said...

YES!! Lol