Friday, July 30, 2010

Easy Betty:Dinner and a Movie

We have had a hectic week month summer year ...look, it's just been hectic around here, ok. And by the time Friday night rolls around and Mr. Devlin is home from work and the kids have had a whole week of "Mommy's just gotta finish this post" and "we'll go swimming as soon as it's not too hot for the baby" (because 102 temps and sweet baby flesh don't mix well). In general, there is simply a feeling of relief at the end of the week, even for a stay-at-home mom who's job is never over.

So it's Friday and I simply refuse to cook tonight. I would much rather gather us up on the family bed, pop in Harry Potter (since we're proper parents and are educating Thing 1 on the finer points of magic), and let everyone nibble on this and that....healthy this and that, of course. And everyone's happy; even Thing 2 nibbles on crackers and tries tidbits of soft fruits.

And that's all there is to it, really. It's a picnic minus the ants. Cheeses, fruit slices, peanut butter, pepperoni, crackers, carrots, cucumbers, tomato slices....basically nothing more than odds and ends from the kitchen. The point being that it's more important that we spend time together than that we spend money or energy on the details.

No kids? Grab your Honey and add a bottle of wine. True love revels in the simplest of pleasures. Enjoy the company and be human for a bit of time; the rest of the world can wait for a moment but relationships are the stuff of life.


Michele said...

I love this idea!!!

Mother B said...

And the tray is cute, too!

betty crocker said...

Another thing I found off the side of the road

Derek D. Robertson said...

Yes, I think sometimes we need to get out but it is much more affordable to do with what you got and just enjoy each other. Great post