Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Freeze It For Later: Bread Crumbs

If you tell me you can't do this, I'll sit on my kitchen floor and start shouting for trash bags--my siblings know what I'm saying.

Other than my self-sacrificing mother, who really eats the heel of the bread? Show of hands, please? And how many of you actually enjoy it? Yeah, that's what I thought. (*here's where the cheezy gameshow music starts playing*) So let's play my favorite game of FREEZE IT FOR LATER. yep yep

Throw them in a ziploc bag and toss them in the freezer. When the bag is full, put those diligently saved little crusts on a cookie sheet and pop them into an oven that's at 225, this is not so you can have lots and lots of toast. This is so you can make your own seasoned bread crumbs so you never ever have to pay for someone else's over-priced bread crumbs. (that "cheap cheap cheap" sound you hear is from the birds outside, I swear it.

When the bread is toasted on one side, flip them over and repeat--this all takes 30-45 might want to set a timer in case you have better things to do than watch bread drying out.

Let the crust cool completely, toss into a food processor (or, you know, just put them in a bag and beat the hell out of them). Add in some Italian herbs (or not, should you not feel so inclined). Voila! (there go those birds again....I should shut the window).

Now, says you, what should I put these virtuously saved crumbs? Well, how about the next time you are cooking some chicken breasts you brush them with some dijon mustard and top with bread crumbs before baking at 350?

"cheap cheap cheap..." Oh, have a crust of bread, my little birdies.....

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