Friday, May 14, 2010

Fast Friday Food: Easy Betty Strikes Again...

Some of you know that I'm a stay-at-home mom for two amazing, wonderful, sleepless children (because I'm so crafty, I make people). They are lovely lovely children but anyone who thinks babies are easy never fell asleep standing up while rocking a babe who's cutting teeth. So my mental fortitude is reserved for keeping these creatures alive, not on how many technical concepts I can include in making dinner tonight. That doesn't mean it has to be cereal night though (not that there's anything wrong with cereal night, mind you).

Tonight's meal--veggie stack sandwiches, with broiled portabellas.

A good crusty roll is good for this-you want something substantial to envelope the goodness. I toast mine.

Okay, back to the fungi (har har har)--with a spoon, scrape out the gills on the underside of the mushrooms. Rinse quickly under water (mushrooms absorb water so you don't want the to soak or anything). Put them on a broiling pan (should you have one) underside up, and drizzle with a little soy sauce, worcestershire, olive oil, garlic powder and pepper. Crank the oven to broil and slip those babies under the heat.

In the meantime, prep up your other veggies. Around here we like baby spinach, roasted red bell peppers (I like the jarred in water ones), red onion, avocados, and tomatoes. This is a good time of year for bagged spring field greens by the way.

When the shrooms have relaxed their sides and shrunken up a bit, they are done. This is a good time to pile on a little feta cheese and return to the broiler for a minute (literally, just a minute).

Now stack it up and feed yourself proper. It's healthy AND filling. And the leftover veggies make a nice salad the next day, maybe topped with a poached egg for some low-fat protein. Good grief! This is the stuff you can serve company that looks like the cover of bon appetite (look smug).

Happy Friday, readers!


Mother B said...

My mouth is watering.....I want some......I haven't got a mushroom in the house, but this is enough to make me want to find a grocery store, QUICK!

Anonymous said...

Love the recipe, but I can't get past the picture of your babies. OMG, I just want to grab those cheeks, and then play dinos with them.