Friday, May 07, 2010

Easy Betty: Carbonara

Can you boil water? Than you can make this dinner.

You need a pound of spaghetti, two eggs and a little salt and pepper. Um, yeah. That's it. Obviously, you can dress this up with whatever veggies you've got lying around-like some fresh tomato or broccoli. Maybe you have some little bit of herbs left over--you could chop those up too. But the basics are these

Boil the water and cook the pasta (make sure to add salt to your water please. This is the proper way to cook pasta so it has flavor. Oil, contrary to popular opinion, is not necessary.)

In a large bowl, crack your two eggs and whisk up bit.

When the pasta is al dente ("to the tooth"), drain it as usual and then immediately toss it in your bowl with the eggs. Toss it up so that all the pasta is covered. The heat from the pasta cooks the eggs. Now toss in whatever do-dads you like-along with some salt and pepper. Toss in a little parmesan if you so desire. The point is that the carbonara is a blank slate....a tasty tasty blank slate.

Serve immediately...which includes sitting on the kitchen counter in your club clothes at 2;30 in the morning if that floats your boat.

Happy Friday from Easy Betty


Anonymous said...

Now that is interesting and sounds good. I never knew to put egg in my pasta, and we love eggs! I do salt my water, though

betty crocker said...

Good girl, you get a gold star :) I'm throwing a bit a frozen shrimp and peas in ours for dinner tomorrow. The egg gives it a creamy texture without adding cream btw