Friday, April 23, 2010

The Great Equation:

I'm all for cheap. You can call it frugal, cost-effective, responsible,'s cheap and I'm okay with that. But i also can appreciate paying a little more for something that is easier, something that will make my life flow more smoothly.
I may have grown up in rural Pennsylvania (I'm sure some of you are wondering if any parts AREN'T rural-there are a couple places and we'd visit....), but, you know, I like electricity and zippers and having an icebox.... Ok, I might be taking this too far.

My actual point is that there's a ratio--the cost/effectiveness ratio. My mother is famous for looking at something and saying "I could make it for less." That helped her gauge it's worth (or effectiveness) and decided pretty quickly if it warranted her hard-earned money. I find myself using the same ratio. Albeit, I'm a little easier on myself right now because it's getting hotter and there are small children afoot and Mr. Devilin was created without a timing unit to help him properly assess how much can fit into a day....I digress....sometimes, I made dinner with prepared stuff too.
You know, looking back at this post, it looks like I'm having an AA moment over this. "Hi, I'm Betty and I like things to be easy...."

It's Friday night: high-five the one you love and let's make some pita pizzas.

You'll need....

A package of pita bread (feel free to use up some stale stuff if you wish)
One jar of pizza sauce
One bag of shredded cheese
Olive oil

Crank up the oven, Ida.

Brush the pita bread with the olive oil, toss on some sauce and make yourself some easy pizzas with whatever topping you like. Heat til it's hot and feed yourself proper.It's not delivery, but it's still pretty easy and the kids can help (or make it themselves really)....and you don't have to get everyone to agree on what they like or don't like because everyone gets their own.

This dinner was brought to you by Easy Betty....


Principalk said...

Ummmm....sounds great and easy, but my daughter will not be making her own....she's a disaster in the kitchen. She melted her spatula in home-ec even.
So, Easy Betty, be sure that miss Dora follows in your footsteps.

betty crocker said...

Dora's not allowed either!! Lol well, not yet-she gets sidetracked by shiney things