Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Lest you think all I do is bake all day, here's my latest project--making my own detergents and cleaning products. Why? well, partly due to budget cuts while Mr. Devilin builds a client base (because HOLY CRAP IT'S CHEAP TO MAKE) and partly because I just love the idea of skipping two aisle at the store while snickering as I am sooo crafty.
And so, here is my version of dishwashing detergent. (*note: there are about a bazillion versions of this out there; this is the kind that works in my tank of a dishwasher).

2 cups baking soda
2 cups Borax
4 pkgs of lemonaid koolaid (without sugar) ....don't use any other flavor or you'll have funny-colored dishes.

yeah, that's it. Put it in a plastic container and shake it together (and don't open it immediately or you'll snork that up your nose....not that I did that or anything....)

Depending on your water, one to two tablespoons of this in the detergent slot is all you need (if your dishes come out a little cloudy, go to one tablespoon).
Oh, and you know those little bottles of jetdry you've been buying? yeah, white vinegar will do the same thing. That's all you need. Now you can save a few coins for something fun instead of the dishwasher.


ash said...

i'm definitely trying this! i've been trying to buy the eco-friendly stuff, but borax is naturally based to begin with....also-vinegar: great idea!

just made a new batch of my multipurpose cleaner-couldn't be happier with it!

word verification: nipaties......it made me giggle.

betty crocker said...

isn't the multipurpose stuff great? and holy cheap to make, right?

nipaties=ROAR ...I think I've had to use those actually....